The Fringe Care Group

We are here to do life together!

We are on a mission to bring compassionate, competent, and holistic care to people. This encompassing type of care is one that Jesus modeled for us in the Bible. In our world, that type of care can be difficult to find. The Fringe Care Group is here to change that! Our vision is rooted in providing healthcare that is not just reliable and trustworthy but also infused with the boundless compassion reflective of the love of Jesus. Our mission goes beyond traditional healthcare; it’s about forming connections, fostering love, and offering support in tangible and meaningful ways.

If you want to help make a difference, please sign up for The Fringe Care Group here.

Our team will assess your need(s) and then work with you and our team to do our best and get those needs met for you.

Services The Fringe Care Group Offers:

  • Meal Trains  – meals provided to those with illness, hospitalization, new baby, etc.
  • Medical consultations by certified nurse practitioner
  • Prayer – home/hospital visits
  • Run errands
  • Take people to appointments
  • Housecleaning
  • Home repairs/maintenance
  • Yard work
  • Pet care
  • Moving assistance (local)
  • Household modifications for medical/physical challenges
  • Help obtain items you may need like clothing, furniture, appliances

If you are in need of services from the Fringe care group, please submit your care request below.