30 Day Devotional

Our 30-day devotional is all about moving closer to God and being transformed by the journey.

We talk about how to read your Bible, how to pray, and how to deepen your relationship with God. Each day of the 30-day journey includes a movement section that talks about the to-do, to-read, and to-remember action steps.


The Journey devotional is all about you moving closer to God during the next 30 days and being completely transformed by the journey.

Initially, we’ll explore aspects of this trip that you absolutely need to understand before hitting the road. Then you’ll be introduced to six spiritual vehicles that will put you on a right path toward God.

Each day of your 30-day journey will include a movement section that involves to do, to read, and to remember action steps. These will only take a few minutes but will help propel you toward God.

Keep three words in mind as we embark on this journey: it…doesn’t…matter. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never talked to God, or if you’ve been talking to Him your entire life. It doesn’t matter if God is brand new to you, or if you’ve heard about Him for as long as you can remember. It doesn’t matter if you’ve denied His existence or proclaimed it for years.

No matter where you’re starting this spiritual journey from, this devotional will help you move closer to God—so, start expecting God to do incredible things in your life during the next 30 days because this is going to be a trip that changes everything!